Terms & Conditions

  1. Deposit
    A non refundable deposit of 30% of total booking subject to a minimum of €100 is required to reserve accommodation. The booking is provisional until confirmed by us. The balance of the rental is payable 45 days prior to arrival. A confirmation will be issued upon receipt of deposit and final directions and instructions regarding the cottage will be sent on receipt of final payment. N.B.: failure to pay invoice by the date due may result in loss of booking.
  2. Cancellation
    Notice of cancellation must be in writing or by Email.
    The following charges will then apply:
    Over 4 weeks before date of arrival: forfeit booking deposit
    4 – 2 weeks before arrival: forfeit 60% of rental fee *
    Less than 2 weeks: forfeit 100% of rental fee *
    You are advised to get insurance to cover your losses
    Minimum Cancelation fee €50
    * Charges will be waived if the property is reallocated to new clients. Booking deposit will still be forfeit.
  3. Heating & Power
    Electricity and oil are extra charges payable by the clients to the supervisor before departure. The charge is based on individual readings and it is recommended that the cost per unit be checked at the outset. Electricity is charged at  €0.20 per Kw day rate, rate, Oil is charged at €1.30 per metered hour. These charges will be deducted from the security deposit.
  4. Damages & Itinerary
    The cottage must be left as found. The cost of repairs to, and replacement of damaged or missing property will be the responsibility of the client. These costs will be deducted from the security deposit.
  5. Cleaning
    Clients are expected to leave the cottage clean and tidy. All bins to be emptied and rubbish removed to the on site rubbish and recycling area. Oven and hob cleaned. All dishes, pots, pans and utensils washed and stored where found. Ashes removed from the fireplace and placed in ash can in rubbish and recycling area. Bed linen to be striped from beds and placed in Bath or Shower. Dirty towels and dishcloths to be placed in Shower. All furniture to be replaced where found. Otherwise a charge of €40 will be made.
  6. Return of Deposit
    A security deposit of €100 is taken with the balance of payment. This will be refunded to you provided the supervisor is satisfied that the Terms and Conditions of the rental have been complied with. In the event that the supervisor is unable to check the cottage at the client’s departure, the security deposit will be forwarded within 7 days. we expect that when the cost of damages, breakages, extra cleaning, electricity and oil exceeds €100 an invoice will be raised and forwarded to the client if not settled on departure. Credit card or Laser card details will be used for debit transactions.
  7. Termination Due to Misconduct
    Rental of the cottage may be terminated with no refund at the discretion of the supervisor or any officer of the company if clients / occupiers behave in a disruptive manner, cause a nuisance or disturbance, exceed occupancy level, cause damage to the property or in any other circumstances deemed reasonable by the supervisor or any officer of the company.
  8. Return of Client Property
    On the expiry or other termination of the rental the supervisor and/or any officer of the Company may remove any belongings of the client / occupiers of the cottage left on the property and store or otherwise with the same as deemed appropriate. Notwithstanding the aforesaid the sole risk in respect of such belongings shall at all times remain with the client / occupiers.
  9. Arrival & Departure Times
    Possession of the cottage must be taken between 1600hrs and 1800hrs on arrival day and the cottage must be vacated by 1000hrs on the day of departure, unless agreement has been agreed in advance. A fee of €50 will be applied to clients that do not vacate the property on time. It is recommended that the clients telephone the supervisor at least 24 hours in advance to confirm exact time of arrival. Failure to notify on-site supervisor of late arrival may result in loss of reservation. Late departures can be arranged in advance and are subject to availability i.e. no incoming booking on day of departure.
  10. Client Property
    The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage to property left in the cottage during the stay or on departure.
  11. Supervisor Access to Property
    The supervisor or officer of the company may at all reasonable times visit the property during the stay and on departure.
  12. Number of Occupants
    The number of persons stated on the booking form must not be exceeded in any circumstance.
  13. Pets
    Pets are not allowed
  14. Complaints
    In the unlikely event of a complaint, it must be made to the supervisor immediately and, if not rectified, communicated to the Company in writing within seven days.
  15. Alternative Accommodation
    Should the property not be available for reasons outside our control (e.g. unforeseen damage to property), we will do our utmost to find an alternative accommodation to your satisfaction or refund all monies.
  16. Our right to refuse
    We reserve the right to refuse any booking and in exceptional circumstances to Cancel, Modify or alter arrangements made for the visitor.
  17. Hen/Stag & Birthday parties
    We do not take bookings for Hen/Stag, birthday or drinking parties